Crystals, Healing & Education

  • Lions Gate Portal

    What's all the hype surrounding Lions Gate Portal? On 8.8.22 the Sun in Leo is in alignment with the Star Sirius — which makes it the perfect day ...
  • Shopping Authenticity

    We’re sharing the important of shopping with credible healing sources.
  • Recharge your warrior spirit, tap into personal power

    If you’re feeling depleted of energy or especially drained around different people or elements that take away a your desire to “do or act” it’s quite possible that your Solar Plexus needs a jumpstart.

  • Word Puzzle - Peace of mind

    EYE spy peace of mind. Seeing is believing, which word jumped out to you first?! Can you find all 20 words associated with peace of mind?
  • Crystals for the bedroom

    Here are a few crystals for your space [Bedroom edition] to help energy flow with compassion, peace, and protection.
  • Healing Chakras with Mantras

    Sound is a powerful healing modality. Many spiritual traditions worldwide have tapped  into what is known as “the inner pharmacy” using sound as a ...
  • Crystals, Energy, and Chakras OH MY!

    By now you’ve seen postings and information everywhere about crystals, energy, and chakras. Here’s a quick breakdown or how it’s all connected.  On...
  • Forbes Crystal Healing Guide

    Peace and warm greetings family! Shanise here 👋🏼 Founder of JOHARI & LOU Artisan Soul Stones. I’m excited to share I had the opportunity to sha...
  • Are my crystals water safe?

    Are my crystals water safe? If you love crystals here is some important information regarding which crystals can be immersed into substance, and what happens when their properties interact with water.
  • Total Wellness

    No matter how little or abundantly informed you are about your wellness it takes one initiative to start your journey.   Incorporating wellness into your every day life is always a good return on investment to our bodies.
  • Self Soothing Techniques

    Here are actionable tips for self soothing that you can perform at a moment's notice whenever you become on edge, uncomfortable, or irritable. These techniques can be practiced privately, without the invite a lot of attention.

  • Rituals

    What is a ritual? What are the benefits to incorporating rituals into your daily life.