Are my crystals water safe?

JOHARI & LOU is known for our pervasion of crystals within cleansers, oils, and mist. You might have noticed or have become curious as to why all crystals are not used within certain collections -- If you love crystals, we've gathered some quick but important information regarding which crystals can be immersed into substance, and what happens when their properties interact with water.

Crystals are graded on what is called a "MOHS" scale 1-10 that grades the scratch/sustainability of stones when they are in contact with another substance. This scale was founded by mineralogist Friedrich Mohs in the 1800. Grading occurs from as low as 1 -- being very weaken and soft, to the highest of 10 indicating strong durability. In general, for use in cosmetics it is safe to pervade crystals that are about 7+ on the scale. This ensures no bleeding of crystals properties leaking into substance, which can irritate the body inside and out if consumed or applied. Rating of 7+ are generally safe to be cleaned under water without deterioration to its surface.

JOHARI & LOU will 
only immerse crystals that are water compatible to ensure our offerings are safe for use. As much as we love crystals it is equally important to abide by practical guidance for safe, and health use.
We shared some of this information in an article by Forbes Health on crystal healing, check it out here

**If you are going to pervade crystals that fall under the 7 rating, please do so with knowledge that its contact can cause reactions to the body inside and out, along with irreversible damage to the crystal.