Auras — What’s Your Glow Mean?

The Aura (also know as a spiritual glow) from a spiritual aspect is the body’s energy radiated from the inside outwardly. Maintaining energetic health includes addressing the energetic field. Our bodies emit emotional and physical changes to the body.

There are seven layers of to the auric field that surround the body. These fields represent our emotional and energetic health, also connected with our seven chakras.

Throughout history science and physics has done a phenomenal job of capturing these fields. Starting in the early 1940s Kirlian photography was developed which captures and measures changes in the energy field of a living system. In the early 2000s Japanese researcher Motoyama also developed electronic devices that measured a person’s aura. Though science has been able to capture these colorful images the glow of individual can be seen by the human eye with very strategic focus.

Much like a radio station our body has different energetic channels each projecting a different field of energy relating to our health and emotional balance.

Finding balance is like changing between two channels of static noise, reaching optimum health is the same way. When our chakras are balanced the body is in total alignment and our auras are projected evenly.

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