Cleansing Crystals

Whether you are a veteran crystal owner or a newbie crystal collector, it’s always good practice to cleanse your crystals before using them in meditation, healing or upon receipt from someone. Here are a few ways you can cleanse your crystals for use:

  •  Smudging with white sage — The smoke from the sage serves as a cleanser and helps to get rid of any attached or unwanted energy.
  •  Laying them out overnight under the moonlight — images of the moonlight charge the crystals and increases its vitality and properties.
  • Running water over them or soaking them in salt water (Depending on stone) — with mindful positive intentions the running water method acts as a natural cleanser to remove energy that has been attached.
  • Use Carnelian to cleanse other crystals — Carnelian is a crystal that has the ability to help cleanse other crystals. Simply place your crystals in a bag with carnelian overnight as it will absorb negative vibes then magnify its original energy.
  • Visually use your eyes and visualize a ray of cleansing light or speak cleansing words to rid lingering energy. This is a very powerful method as well, and it only requires your visualization and positive intention to read energy and negativities associated with your crystal. In order for this method to work your intent must be derived from a place of peace and goodwill.


None of these methods have to be done in any consecutive order. However, always make sure your intentions are positive and genuine when cleansing for use.