Crystals for the bedroom

Hey friend! We’re sharing a few crystals for your space [Bedroom edition] to help energy flow with compassion, peace, and protection in the space you need it most. 
First up: Rose Quartz.  Not just a soft and pretty pink stone but it is a crystal representing all matters of the heart, love and compassion. Keeping Rose Quartz in your bedroom serves as a reminder to release all things and thoughts unloving while also nudging us to wake with compassion in our hearts.
The second most influential crystal in the bedroom space would be the lovely stress-free amethyst. Amethyst represents peace, calmness and serenity. This crystal is perfect following a day high or excessive energy.

Last, would be a guardian crystal such as Tourmaline. If you’ve been subject to low vibrational people or poor energy this crystal can absorb negativity, while it acts a grounding crystal and one of protection. Keeping the space where we tap into our most inner consciousness protected and nurtured is especially fundamental for our energetic body. 

Placing crystals throughout your home increases the ebb and flow of energy to include your intimate spaces, this helps to cultivate the right type of energy and ambience for a relaxing evening or morning routine. Remember, releasing and protecting your energy is a fundamental part of total wellness!