Energy Therapy


As of late, you might have noticed an increase awareness on the benefits of energy therapy. To be clear, it’s not just “something popular“ that has grabbed the attention of celebrities and social media influencers, but is actually a beneficial practice when implemented by certified/educated practitioners for the purpose of total wellness. 

What is Energy Therapy?

It is an alternative method to nonconventional healing that focuses on the body’s energetic Bio-field. Basically healing is induced by using the body’s energy. Organic in nature, Energy therapy not only helps to remove imbalances, but provides additional benefits for the entire body, offering healing with  a more gentle effective approach with less impact and zero side effects, than seen in traditional medicine or prescribed medication.

Why Energy Therapy?

People are turning to integrative health and alternative healing for a number of reasons, most practices are inexpensive, less evasive while offering multi dimensional benefits.

Western medicine is a compartmentalize form of treatment What does this mean? In short, there is a doctor for every part of our body. If you stub your toe and need to go to the doctor, you typically see one type of practitioner - Podiatrists /foot doctor who generally focuses on treating the symptoms of just the foot. However Energy healing doesn’t focus on one particular part of the body. While a patient’s chief complaint is of the foot, energy healing focuses on healing from the inside out.

Whole Body Care, allows your stubbed toe to be addressed, but also taps into the energy throughout the body addressing the root issue and providing continuous healing after the visit and beyond. A patient is able to experience relief of symptoms as well as stress, anxiety, and emotional distraught derived from the pain associated with the stubbed toe, whenever energy penetrates the bio electromagnetic field. 

How does Energy Therapy work?

Unlike modern medicine Energy healers places focus on the bio field surrounding the body. The objective of energy therapy is to restore the body‘s natural energy portals (chakras) and bring alignment within the body. This modality can be performed through a variety of techniques, such as Tai-Chi Qi gong, Reiki, Sound healing, Crystal Therapy and by therapeutic touch like massages (sounds familiar?). These methods work by penetrating the bio electromagnetic field facilitating balance to address physical and non-physical ailment such as migraines, body pain and aches, and emotional distress.

Does it really work?

Short answer, yes. To date, there is preliminary evidence, and research that indicate energy healing can in fact reduce symptoms, lower physical pain, ease stress, and relieve ailments. 

Historically, Western medicine, and alternative medicine differed greatly as one is very specific to physical diagnosis and psyche care, while energetic healing and therapy is directly use to help align the energy around the body to address imbalances. Still, both modalities work in conjunction to move people towards optimal wellness.


What it is NOT….

Contrary to huge perceptions, Energy therapy is not a type of religion, or spiritual practice. It is in fact, related and dedicated to your wellness as it relates to the energy of your body.

*It is important to note seeking the advice from medical professional is recommended before obtaining care from any medical professional.