Healing Chakras with Mantras

Sound is a powerful healing modality. Many spiritual traditions worldwide have tapped  into what is known as “the inner pharmacy” using sound as a conduit. Although this Modality of healing has been in practice for centuries, there are numerous recent researched studies (through modern science ) that have discuss the benefits of chanting a mantra and its proven changes in brain activity.

Mantras are nurturing sounds/tones that send vibrations to our energetic portals also know as chakras. When chanted aloud, mantras can direct sound vibrations to areas in the body that need healing. There are specific mantras, for each of the chakras, which are the energy centers that serve as junction points between our physical body and our spiritual body, consciousness, or higher self. Each chakra is associated with specific emotional states as well, which can be influenced by specific mantras.

There are dozens of mantras that can be used for very specific types of healing. The mantra OM ॐ is associated with the sahasrara (crown) chakra, and helps us to reach the infinite field of all possibilities. Tone balancing this Chakra can help you open reveal your essential nature, open your pure spirit, pure potentiality, and pure consciousness.  Chanting mantras not only help with focus during meditation but the vibration from our own primordial sounds transcends energy to different energetic fields/ parts of our body as a formal of inner healing.

If you’re looking to reset your chakra using a different healing technique try chanting a mantras, it’s likely to decrease stress and increase a calmer state of mind along with self-awareness.