Updates & News

Peace and warm greetings family

Just a couple updates to our online botanica.

We’ve recently introduced a new Mawe Body + Bath collection — Crystal Cleanse Wash, and have officially retired our Crystal Cleanse Bars. It was a beautiful transition and experience, but we wanted to offer you a leveled up option for cleansing. Our washes are made with organic ingredients and 1% fragrance. Our goal is to bridge natural elements with lux aromas 🖤

We’ve also updated our Healing Salve, and Crystal Oil options and their scents to match the scent family of each Crystal Cleanse wash — it just made sense! Our beloved and most sold Tiger eye cleanse has undergone an aroma switch from Cocoa Cashmere to Cashmere. We absolutely loved the scent in our oils and salves but it’s unique ingredient of Raw cacao powder would not play well in our cleanses. And though completely safe to use, the discolor wasn’t the aesthetic we’d hope for. Our Tiger Eye salves and oils will remain scented in Cocoa Cashmere, while the cleanse has swapped to Cashmere.  

In past couple of weeks we’ve been blessed to share content with two phenomenal women who contribute both to social media’s artistry and wellness platforms. Check out our feature with Jade Novah and our most recent unboxing collaboration with Queen Po. Both women took time to express their thoughts about JOHARI & LOU and we could not have more excited!

We’ve been in the Tampa Bay Area 6+ months now and the energy received has literally revived our brand! I sincerely want to thank you for sharing, supporting and being a part of this special experience with JOHARI & LOU!

— Shanise