Lions Gate Portal

What's all the hype surrounding Lions Gate Portal? On 8.8.22 the Sun in Leo is in alignment with the Star Sirius — which makes it the perfect day to tap into to manifestations, Chakra healing, and our sacred #innerchi


Waaaay back, Ancient Egyptians held Sirius (the brightest star in the nights sky) in high regard. Connecting its presence to the rise of the Nile River and crowing it the Goddess of Agriculture.

This alignment is key when combined with the number 8 in numerology representing infinity (and is also symbolic to our DNA 🧬) as well as abundance and limitless power. The 8.8 alignment in the cosmos is said to intertwine energy + spirit balancing the center our most natural self.

So how can you make the most of this day? Simple, add meditation, a spiritual cleanse, renewing your inner chi to your "to-do" list (it's also a great day to manifest).