Music & Vibrations

Ever wonder why music makes you sway?

Tell the DJ to run back all your favorite tracks! Music is a vibe, really. Quick info on how and why music is good for us. 

Each of our 7 main chakras resonates with a musical note. Those notes create a deeper connection between music and health that is ancient and elemental. When we listen and absorb certain frequencies, keys and notes it vibration influences the chakra energy system according to sound and tone. This has a huge impact on our emotional and mental health, as well as why we often feel at peace from sounds of the water, or waves and it’s the natural rhythm of the ocean, raindrops, leaves ruffling and birds chirping that universally promote relaxation. Even drumming correlates to the human heartbeat. Music of all genres especially those that use synthesizers and string instruments connects with the higher vibrations of our chakra energy system.

Music makes us feel good, and for good reason!

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