Recharge your warrior spirit, tap into personal power

If you’re feeling depleted of energy or especially drained around different people or elements that chip away at your desire to “do or act” it’s quite possible that your Solar Plexus needs a jumpstart.

The internal charge to our power, confidence, and will lies within our third chakra the Solar Plexus. Having an opened and aligned Solar Plexus activates our energy and warrior spirit.

The Solar Plexus centers around the issues of the will to think, control, exert authority, and display aggression and warmth, as well as the physical components of digestion and metabolism.

Imbalances manifest in the following ways:

timidness or anger and rage
passive aggressiveness (act disinterested, but are really angry inside)
lack of self-worth
hidden sense of shame
obesity, diabetes, heartburn, gallbladder problems (stones or infection)

Here are a few techniques to facilitate ebb and flow toward alignment:

Speak mantras — RAM
Wear Crystals — citrine, topaz, amber, tiger eye
Essential Oils — frankincense, sandalwood, chamomile, rosewood
Eat Healing Foods (yellow in color)
Yoga poses — Warrior pose
meditation — candle lit by fire