What exactly is a ritual?

Simply explained — a practice or sequence of events you do as part of a routine — special occasions or daily routine.

Think about the first couple of things you do when you wake up in the morning, or a routine you have in place right before you leave the house. Routines such as can morning hygiene and praying before you leave the house or an evening spiritual bath to reset and detox old energy with your favorite candles, crystal cleanse bars with a glass of wine are all considered Rituals. The really dope thing about having one is that it can be as simple or as detailed and extravagant as you like. Rituals help keep us intentional about the day and goals. 

Here are a few benefits of incorporating rituals into your day.

• It provides a sense of connection.
• Rituals and traditions help keep us aligned and provide personal structure
• Can help us to define and hold sacred space for ourselves
• Aid in enforcing healthy boundaries

When it comes to spirituality self-care and energy is important to create and establish a routine ritual that helps maintain the balance the Yin & Yang your life. Your energetic health needs just as much care as your physical body.