Passion + Creativity + Produce

Create and make with passion.

When our passions or desires escape us we often feel stuck, in a space where creativity does not flow as easily. This emotional disconnect is associated with the Sacral Chakra - responsible for the fire inside us.

The sacral chakra (svadhisthana chakra in yogic tradition) resonates with creative life force and vital body energy. The color vibration that relates to this chakra is orange, and the healing sound is the one of a flute or the sound, “re”. 

Psychologically, this chakra connects us to our desires, passion and state of creativity. Sacral energy also affects the flow of emotion. It helps ignite expression of sexuality and desires, pleasures, and feelings about reproduction. However, physical bodies can be affected by imbalance of the sacral chakra as well. Poor alignment from this chakra has an affect on our lower abdomen, and manifest through out reproductive organs and the more specifically the gonads (sex hormones + reproduction).

When the sacral chakra is healthy, balanced, and open interpersonal relationships occur easily and fall into place. The flow of creativity is fluid and active, as well as a sense of increased libido are or artistic stimulation. When the sacral chakra is imbalanced one can experience heighten aggravation and even impede desire to create, loss of passion or the ability to reproduce or create as well as lack of emotions or feelings of mundane/flat. When the chakra is overactive, it is believed that one may experience mood swings or be very emotional. Another possibility is the need for constant pleasurable stimulation.

Ways to keep the Sacral Chakra open and balance, include: wearing colors incorporating orange.

Adorning crystals, such as orange aventurine, carnelian or Amber.

Practicing self-care and personal rituals that help sacral chakra energy flow, such as meditation, cleansing with crystal infused body care or candle lit.