Self Soothing Techniques

If you ever find yourself in a space where your body and energy feel low, or on the brink of stress it might be helpful to explore self-soothing techniques, that will help reset your energy.

Practicing a self-soothing technique is practical and convenient. Life can be very unpredictable, finding ways that offer immediate reliefs can help reduce additional stressors.

Here are several actionable tips that you can take at a moment's notice whenever you become on edge, uncomfortable, or irritable. These techniques can be practiced privately, without the invite a lot of attention.


  • Active meditation allows you to focus on particular movement for a duration of time. It does not require you to have close eyes or to be still. Examples of active meditation include walking while mindfully engaging with nature, coloring, or the practice of yoga. This concept is great for people who have difficulty focusing, those with wondering minds, or whose space (home/room) cannot accommodate quietness.
  • Breathing exercise. Taking deep breaths not only relieve emotional tension but it’s beneficial to our bodies in general by creasing blood flow which reduces headaches, high blood pressure and chances of a stroke. Also, try this technique with your favorite candle or aura mist. this enhances the air and arouses your senses.
  • Crystal Meditation is a great practice that allows one to become focused and in tune with themselves and the elements around them. Crystal Meditation has tremendous tangible and intangible benefits: When we place an emphasis on elements of the earth such as crystals we can calm and relieve stress as well as level vibrations within our body bridging connections between our aura and the earth.
  • Aromatherapy is a very quick and easy way to calm internal conflict. Essential oils such as lavender, and eucalyptus offer aromatic scents that are proven to bring a sense of peace. Try placing aromatic oils in specific points of the body such as your temple behind the ears and on the wrist. Our skin is the largest organ of the body — absorption of the oil and scent through inhalation allows for the body to experience physical effects such as increased blood circulation as well as neurological effects that calm the brain.
  • Create a playlist with soothing sounds such as nature or harmonious tunes that are relaxing and enjoyable. You can playback the music if sitting in silence becomes too mundane.
  • Download few apps to help reset and calm your mind. Apps such as Calm and head spaces. Both offer detail guided sounds, nature elements and meditation that address specific emotional needs.

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