Shopping Authenticity

As of late spirituality, wellness, and all things metaphysical have become extremely trendy and noticeably mis-represented.

Disclaimer: this blog is not attempt to shame or shade any company that is selling wellness offerings, however we are here to educate and ensure your energy remains in the best hands.

For those who are embarking on a new spiritual journey or are wanting to take their wellness to the next level it might be difficult to sort through brands and businesses that operate with authenticity and are operating ethically.

Transparency is key when you choose a business to support your wellness and spiritual journey. Connecting with a brand that is conscious of their supplies and sources is extremely important.

Why does this matter?

Well let’s take a look at a few things for example; a brand that sells a spiritual or energetic tool such as Palo Santo that does not source their offering from an ethically or sustainable farm could hold very poor energy, contradicting its use for your journey. How is the energy affected? Palo Santo is considered a sacred tree found in very specific regions of the earth and its bark is only sourced when the tree has fulfilled its lifecycle, falls down and then cut for usage. If a company is sourcing unethically by chopping down trees before their life cycle (which has been founded) for the sole purpose of profit this generates poor energy. Along with consideration of employees and their work conditions, and so forth. Not only does that affect your energetic environment but supporting such brands could also contribute to the near extinction of Palo Santo trees. This concept applies to Crystals, Sage, and anything that absorbs energy. 

How do know where or who to shop with?  As an intuitive healer and energy advocate, I will always advice to use your own intuition. If that doesn’t come as naturally, I recommend doing a very simple 3 to 5 minute meditation on where you should go or be led to for energetics sourcing. Shop intuitively!  If it doesn’t feel right, seems like a “quick grab”, or if your spirit doesn’t feel at easy with this brand — continue shopping.  It’s also recommended to take a look at the brands owners and founders operating story. Is the business truly invested in wellness, your wellness, and growth? What are their contributions to the community? Are owners/founders professionally educated reference the products they sell? Let’s be honest.. Popularity on TikTok while reading from crystal books on gemstones meanings, or energy does not automatically qualify one to sell or teach about sacred practices. It’s actually a bit heedless to omit important historical facts with regards to healing and its culture and traditional use. This type of whitewash marketing and sales is harmful to the lineage of originating practices, the credibility of alternative healing, and bottom line is culture appropriation. Additionally, shopping whitewashed and trendy spiritual offerings can inadvertently bring low vibration into your healing journey, simply from the source.

Remember it is 100% ok to support your favorite small (or large) business and brand. It is also a personal responsibility and owed due diligence to research who you are supporting and how you’re supporting that business and how they specifically support the community. Who benefits from the transaction?

Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones purposely connects with diversity-inclusive small businesses that operate with deep consciousness and sustainable practices (down to non-exploitation of their employees). We also work alongside brands worldwide that harvest ethically sourced products to incorporate within our offerings. Our employees are equipped (studied and certify) to teach and share information on wellness, complementary and alternative health to better aid in purchases.

Now more than ever those very important attributes are too expensive to invest with businesses who sell what’s trendy.

Your spiritual journey, wellness, and personal experience should be treated with respect and care. Optimal health is not a trend, and you can rest assure with JOHARI & LOU Artisan Soul Stones your energy is in good hands.