Total Wellness

Wellness Journey 

Wellness Journeys are becoming increasingly popular as more data becomes available that developing a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk of disease + physical injuries.

Defined, wellness is optimum health which including 8 really important dimensions of well-being: physical, emotional,intellectual, spiritual, social, environmental, financial and occupational wellness.

The current average life expectancy in United States is about 77.8 years for men in about 82.2 years for women. Those numbers are projected to decrease due to the burden of major diseases, and illnesses. The best way to combat and beat those odds are to create your own individual wellness journey, that keeps you engaged and motivated to continue on to what could increase your life’s longevity.

Starting your wellness journey is now easier than ever. A simple gesture to incorporate daily affirmations, journaling after a long day, to:

  • self-care initiatives that include spending a day or set amount of time alone, enjoying peaceful and mindfulness moments
  • practicing self-awareness
  • incorporating meditative and fitness routines that stretch our bodies and increase the flow of energy

There’s really no limit to what you can do to improve your wellness, as it is really personal to each individual. Since our Well-being encompasses 7 to 8 dimension creating rituals throughout the day can build a healthy foundation.

Engaging with nature, going for a walk, incorporating prayer, yoga, Crystal Meditation or affirmation can set the tone for how your energy flows at work. Good energy increases positive social interactions, that allow us to thrive and perform better. Great performance leads to a happy work environment with possible financial benefits. Another example, would be a simple initiative such as recycling, picking up trash while on a walk.  This type of environmental awareness reconnects us with nature and the earth by keeping the planet as healthy as possible. If our planet is healthy, we benefit as well.

At the end, our finances, environment, emotions, careers, and social interactions have a huge impact on our total well-being.

No matter how little or abundantly informed you are about your wellness it takes one initiative to start your journey, and as always a well return on investment to our bodies.