Entrepreneurship Tips

I’m often asked for business advice on how I decided to launch my brand, re-brand, staying motivated,  exclusive etc..

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a “how to” guide on business.

I have invested in business managers who are able to give professional business strategic guidance.

I would encourage you to educate yourself in the profession your business resides. There’s nothing more disingenuous about selling to customers or branding something you have no experience or knowledge of.

A lot of time I hear “ I want to do _______” but everyone is doing it” my thoughts for those who feel threaten or intimidated by others success would be to worry about YOUR lane + nichè. There’s a big difference between doing something that you love, and then doing something that everyone else is doing because you need something to do. Intentions set the tone for all business endeavors. If your intentions are fueled by love and good energy, a desire to help others GENUINELY your business will be fine.

Also know, there will be many that “do what you do” and that’s ok. There’s enough room for everyone to flourish. After all it’s all about intent! Money driven business, in MY OPINION, tend to flop. Focus on you, your brand, what YOU ARE GOOD AT, your intent and all will be well. Be sure you’re not subjecting yourself to things that the DO NOT help you grow, which includes UNFOLLOWing, #Muting, and energetically disconnecting from people who intuitively give off inauthentic vibes.

NEVER knock another brand. Their business is not of your concern, unless you’re in the habit of stealing ideas, or copying content .... or just plain messy... that will not take you or your brand far, and you can bet on the energy being returned. It’s ok to be inspired, but copying styles, branding, ideas is not a good way to launch your own. People will sense the faux foundation and you’ll be stuck with someone else’s idea and no direction.

Lastly, smile more 😁 The universe will take care of you.

— Shanise