The word Charka by now is probably more commonly seen and heard than understood. Read on for an easy breakdown of Chakras its history, and how it affects your overall health.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheels of energy.

Ancient systems have established beliefs with an understanding that energy is in and around the body with entry points located at specific places along the body.

Our chakras work like keys that open the body to receive nourishing energy from the earth, it’s elements that are able to release or transfer energy.

Think about it like this: if you wake up in a neutral mood, and receive good news, you’re mood for the day is likely to be positive and vice verse, as we’re influence by energy. The type of news you receive can affect your entire day. This is the transfer of energy.

Energy received (via communication, touch, or non verbal) is transformed into useable energy for the body. This is where the saying “stress” can kill is derived from. The way we process our stress has a TRUE physical affect on the body.

On the flip side, our chakras can also project outward onto everything and everyone. It is thought to be vital to the health of all aspects of the body—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—

Chakras are intertwined with our physical and metaphysical beings. Each chakra receives energy from outside of the body and transform it internally to stimulate the hormonal glands response or nervous system response, which in turn affects the entire body.

Keeping your chakra balanced is important for longevity and the vitality your health. This can be done participating in yoga, and mindfulness activities. You can also balance your chakras with earth related tools such as crystals, plants, and breath exercise.

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