2021 Comcast Rise Recipient Award


It’s time to Rise! I am truly honored and excited to share that JOHARI & LOU Artisan Soul Stones has been selected as a recipient for the Comcast RISE award!

Navigating through the pandemic has not been the easiest of task for a small holistic business like ours. Some of our struggles included keeping up with orders online (since in person shopping was closed) tracking shipments accurately, and transitioning to online (virtual) therapy all while trying to keep our holistic wellness customers supplied with tools to help them through a mentally exhausting pandemic.

COVID came at a very important stage of our business. JOHARI & LOU Artisan Soul Stones, had just entered into new branding, and was re-gaining our customer trust with intimate shopping experiences and personalized therapy.

When COVID hit, I was forced to postpone part of our branding initiatives. Every week federal and state guidelines were changing, until finally in-person transactions were closed. This forced JOHARI & LOU Artisan Soul Stones to transition to online therapy for over 20+ clients who came to love private and intimate sessions.

Moving my business back into my home with children, and sharing internet speed for 4 devices during a school year was a real struggle. In addition, energy healing has been proven rather difficult from a MacBook Pro, with little storage space and poor internet connection.  This lack of speed and transmission of data, slows therapy down, and frustrates both client and myself.

Our store was 100% online at this time, which means I spent MORE time hunch over a laptop monitoring orders, and now delayed shipments along with customer therapy profiles. Though I’ve gained trust from my clients, having them hang around to shop crystals via “zoom” from my iPhone was not as accommodating.

After months of “making it happen” and learning from other small businesses how to stay afloat, I was told about Comcast Rise, and decided to apply (on my 39 birthday) and 3 months later, we were awarded!

I’m excited to be apart of Comcast Rise that has risen to the opportunity in assisting over 1,000 businesses from 400+ states in over 34 different cities. To date, the program  has helped nearly 2000 Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC)-owned small  businesses with Marketing and Technologies Resources, and now grant funding.

Being awarded as a recipient of the Comcast Rise Program brings us a level of ease knowing we’re going to receive assistance during some challenging times. As the Sr. Creatress for JOHARI & LOU Artisan Soul Stones, I’m humbled to be apart of an initiative that focuses on supporting and helping small B-IPOC owned brands RISE. The assistance received will no doubt push forward our goal in educating holistic wellness and bridging the gap of art & healing and helping others within the community regain peace of mind.

See the full list of recipients for March 2021 second round here