Crystals & Religion

First let me begin this blog by stating I’m not a preacher, pastor or saint. I’m a human being - with spiritual beliefs that coincide with religious beliefs.

As Sr. Creatress for JOHARI & LOU Artisan Soul Stones I want to be clear on how we use and create our products.

The name Johari & Lou was chosen to connect with our heritage one that originates on the continent of Africa. Johari in Swahili means Gem, or something of value. Lou is the short for Louise, my Grandmother’s name. Artisan Soul Stones speak to the limited quantity of crystals and stone related items we sell, with intent to bring happiness to you.

I often receive questions as to our products and what religion or spiritual connection it has. I will simply say none specific. I am Christian and believe crystals are gifts from God, just as our herbs, trees, the grass we plant our feet on and the air we breath. However I don’t push any religion in the connection with the use of crystals, as in free will, It will be of what the recipient places on it and their beliefs.

I do often remind myself often that crystals are gifts, beautiful one of a kind gifts much like the plants we eat to survive and natural herbs used for supplements. I don’t find myself compelled to align it perfectly with the word or bible. Nor do I feel a need to. Crystals are mentioned countless times across many religions and in spiritual beliefs. As is gold, silver, herbs and other organic materials we obtain naturally (and not made by man) from the earth. 

Many of us have heard of a Santa Clause, which in all honesty is a false narrative that we tell our children in order to inspire their minds with the thought of being good for kindness. I see the Crystals in the same light that they carry many positive narratives that even the Bible references. None of which bring harm if worn or as apart of structure.

What is my belief? Well, I believe that these beautiful, and organic pieces that come from our beloved planet, of which God created and mean NO harm, ill will attachment so as long as no idolatry is attached, or use for magic. And by idolatry I mean worshipping.

So, in closing I’ll say enjoy your crystal for what it is. A beautiful organic gift birthed from the earth, and from God our creator.  Stay true to your religion and or spiritual beliefs.