How we do business

Peace and warm greetings,

First, I’m glad you’re here. It means you have an interest in how we do business, and where our supplies are manufactured.

Since we’re a very small artisan business,  I’ll start by stating we don’t disclose our vendors, nor do we share specific information as to who we do business with. But I’m more than happy to explain how our products come to be from our creative suite, to your home.

JOHARI & LOU Artisan Soul Stones has collaborated with 4 long time partners domestically (farmers included) and family owned business internationally who are also associated with the SBA. We work with like minded companies who are sustainable, environmentally conscious, and whose moral ethic are aligned with our mission and purpose, which is to bridge art, healing and expression (legally of course).

Here at JLASS we’re known for our one of kind jewelry pieces, and crystal infused products. Our materials are sourced in small batches which allows us to properly inspect and curate collections that you ultimately see on our website.

It is our goal to always ensure that we partner with companies who are operating legally, and with the environment in mind. We know the “healing” business can be trendy and thus a bit difficult to weed out businesses who mean well. JLASS operates from a place of balance, love,  and most importantly good energy.  Most times our items are only available in small quantities. We do this to ensure quality, and also because we’re pretty small in size, and so to keep a balance of work-life we ensure the we don’t overload ourselves with more than we can handle (shipping, packaging and creating).

It is always our pleasure to create for you, and we hope to have opened your eyes to how we’re operating in-house.