Effective 8-19-2020 we have officially switched mail carriers!

COVID has played a huge part on logistics and how mail is delivered. Due to the on going shortages and delays the United States Postal Serice has been experiencing we’ve decided to switch carriers.  The switch came after long contemplation and debate for what services best fit our company. Our APO/DPO customers will still ship by USPS read here for details on shipping to military bases. If you’ve been with us since Armill Xpress days, then you remember when we were with UPS, we’ve since returned back to UPS.

Please be clear, there are STILL delays with UPS. However it has been our experience that tracking is more efficient. We ask that you make note of this delay before deciding to purchase from JOHARI & LOU Artisan Soul Stone (you will also be reminded once an order has been fulfilled).

Rates are fairly competitive, and you guys get the same great discount the JOHARI & LOU Artisan Soul Stones is currently offered, no upcharge or handling fees :)

As Sr. Creatress, I too am a consumer and enjoy the convenience of ordering via online, so the frustration is felt, and seen.

Thank you all for your patience during these crazy crazy times!

Below is a link to how they’re handling the covid response, where you can track packages, and their policy on claims.

*Our shipping page has been updated as well.



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