What is Holism?

By now, you have more than likely seen this word used frequently, and sometimes misrepresented.  Holistic wellness is often confused with other natural practices such as Veganism, or living a 100% natural life style. While both contribute to holistic wellness it is not a sole definition.

Holistic represents something deeper. It focuses on total, as in whole wellness. How a particular therapy, practice or session affects your mind body and spirit.
Simply put: the management of our energy, spirit, mental health, and physical body are interchangeably affected by one another. When we focus on the whole self, we are able to live a richer and deeper connected life.

  • From the people that we associate with, to the places that we go and our actions along with what we eat and how we treat ourselves physically plays a vital role in the longevity of life.
  • Spending more time around positive individuals can influence your thought process, and subsequently Lee to a better outlook on life.  
  • Eating a well-balanced diet and incorporating more water has proven to be beneficial to the body, and without proper nutrients are body can become malnourished.
  • Just as taking time throughout the day to meditate or sitting in stillness can improve overall mental health. Each of these pillars have significant and tangible affects toward a healthy 

Having greater self awareness about our health on a collective scale can ultimately improve the quality of life.

What are some holistic practices you incorporate daily?