What is Reiki and what is distant Reiki?

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese modality that uses gentle and intuitive touch to increase the flow of energy within the body. By restoring the energetic body, we are able to relieve mental and emotional stress and physical ailments may begin to heal. 

Distant Reiki is Energy healing through a distant connection to the recipient. Distant Reiki is not dependent on how close or far you are. Reiki energy is sent into the areas you need the most.

Distance Reiki can be performed at any time and produces highly effective results. Distant Reiki sessions are treated in the exact same manner as a in person Reiki session.

As a Certifed level II Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Reiki Master I utilize Intuitive energy to carry out the session. Trust is a key part of the entire session. Just as you are sure the sun will rise in the morning you must place faith that positive energy will serve your healing purpose for its highest good.

Keep in mind that a Distant Reiki Session will be done from a distance so you can find a comfortable space in your home or outside and relax for approximately 45 minutes.

There isn’t verbal or physical contact during the session, but a connection is made energetically. The session is silent so you can turn off your phone and put away your computer. I like to recommend playing music similar to what you would find in a spa or for meditation, or even jazz anything that’s going to put you in a much relaxed state.

As mentioned, distant Reiki does not involve discussion so you can just relax and tune into your bodymind. Everyone experiences the shifts associated with Reiki differently.

Here are a few recommendations I provide clients before a Reiki session whether in person or via distance:

  1. If possible take a shower to (an inner cleanse) as it can help wash away the cares of the day and will help you relax into a reiki treatment .
  2. Put your worries to rest. Simple making the decision not to worry for an hour or so will help you to lose yourself in the reiki experience. A few minutes of quiet breathing will help you to feel center.
  3. Wear something comfortable and familiar, it wI’ll help you to relax properly during a reiki session.

Everyone has such different experiences during and after their session. Some individuals feel and see things while others fall asleep with nothing to report. In both cases, the experience was exactly as it needed to be and in both cases the ceremony was successful :). Some people find they are interrupted, others find they fall asleep - that is totally okay.

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