Our Brand

Do you have a minute? This blog goes in detail about how Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones became a brand.

I’m Shanise a Veteran turned Small Business Owner, Chief Creative, and Crystal Reiki Master. I started building a brand that offered dope jewelry with holistic impact in 2017. Then, formerly known as “Armill Xpress” collections were curated as wearable art. All accessories were assembled by hand using authentic crystals and stones.
In early 2019, I stepped away from my small business to address serious health issues and was ultimately diagnosed with several medical conditions to include PTSD.

Though a break from creating was necessary it was my vision to bridge wearable expression with holistic healing, a journey I explored and used during my therapeutic treatments. I began studying the healing power of Reiki and became a Certified Crystal Reiki Practitioner & Master Teacher.

Literally, the brand was inspired by life itself. Johari - in the African language Swahili means Gem, or something of value. It’s our belief that everything on this earth, and each person’s life is of value and serves a purpose. Items sold or created by Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones embody that same value and are created with intention and infused with positive energy (much like my treatments and therapy it was only positive affirmations and high-vibes that carried me through).  The “Lou” (in Johari & Lou) is short for my second name. This symbolically connected my brand directly to me and everything I had learned to move forward and be a more productive person. So, not only would artisan collections be available but after the rebrand but Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones will introduce Reiki therapy servicing the DMV Metro area. These details combined manifested a very intentional brand:
Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones, with a vision to bridge wearable expression with holistic healing.
Check out some of the wonderful products and services we now offer :⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

•Crystals / Stone Infused Soaps
•Crystal Infused Essential Oil Rollers
•Crystal Malas
•Crystal Reiki Sessions (in person/distance)
•Our signature (exclusive) artisan style bracelets and more!