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Please note:  In order to protect the properties of the ingredients this product is made to order. Our salve, is custom blended, cured within five business days and then shipped.


An EXCLUSIVE custom salve blended of shea butter, plant based wax, and essential oils infused one crystal. Just as each crystal embeds its very own healing benefit - our exclusive blend + crystals create a authentic, easy to carry healing modality ✨

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Custom blend: (floral + Citrus ) that provides a relaxing atmosphere to clear your mind, generate feelings of security, and promote communication by opening the throat chakra. Salve is also great for dry and irritated skin as it helps to restore moisture.

Our blend Includes essential oils that uplift your spirits, dispel anxiety & stress, and prevent depressive symptoms.

  • Crystal Healing Salve
    Crystal Healing Salve
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