USPS is the only means of shipping utilized for APO/DPO addresses.

What if my tracking information seems incorrect?

If you've seen the tracking on your order display seemingly suspicious tracking information or come to a stop there might not be any actual issues. It's important to note that shipping companies often take indirect routes to reach a customer's address. Delays for ground shipments also occur often due to inclement weather and poor traffic conditions. However, if your order has been delivered to a wrong address or is held for longer than 14 days it is likely due to an error by the shipper. 

What do I do if my package has been lost in transit?

In some cases, packages can be lost by the mail carrier. In these cases, it is best to confirm the last known location of the package using the tracking information. Contact Johari & Lou for more assistance. 

If your package has been confirmed to be lost by the mail carrier, you will qualify for a reshipment or full refund.

What do I do if my package is lost after being delivered?

Johari & Lou does not take lost or stolen packages lightly. A missing mail search is required for every lost package that has been marked as delivered. Follow the link below to file a report with the mail carrier to locate your package:


The process must be completed fully within 7 days of the delivery date for USPS shipping. Once the mail carrier responds with the results of the search Johari & Lou will provide more support options ranging from a reshipment to a full refund.

If your item is received damage you will have seven days (including weekends) to notify Johari & Lou of damages and return to Johari & Lou within seven days. It is at that point an item can be returned for a new one.

Customers are responsible for all return shipping costs.