Bangle Measurements & Fitting

Bangle Sizing & Fitting Information 

To accurately measure your jade bangle size you  must hold your fingers tightly together. Having a second person doing the measurement with the measuring tape would be helpful.

For a looser fitting you may add 1 - 5mm to the jade bangle size based on personal preference.

When choosing preferred jade bangle size, individuals should take into consideration body build, bone structure, flexibility, as these may result in size differences when choosing the perfect fitting for a jade bangle.

Sizing chart 

How do I fit my Jade is bangle over my wrist? 

Step one: moisturize the non dominant hand with an oil base or lotion this will help glide your Jade bagel over.

Step two: Fold thumb over palm towards the base of pinky finger. 

Step three: with dominant hand slide the jade bangle over top first four fingers while your thumb is aligned with the base of the pinky forming a semi straight hand.


You may need to twist a bit to get the jade bangle over the thumb knuckle, however if there is injury or pain it is recommended you stop and don’t proceed further.

Sizing Chart 

No. Size

Size Equivalent