Frequently Asked Questions

Discount Codes: Discount code are generally limited and cannot be combined with other offers (buy one, get one, free shipping, 20% off etc...) This is due to our website platform only one discount can be applied at check out.

Does Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones offer custom order jewelry: No. At this time, we do not make custom designs. Each piece of jewelry is designed by Sr. Creatress Shanise LM, with a specific crystal formula to best super charge the wearers intention.

Custom Sizing:  At this time, we do not offer customized bracelet sizes. For bracelets, the most common size for women is 7.5" and for men is 8". Some bracelets will range in sizes from small to extra large.

Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones creates artisan bracelets necklaces, and earrings based on product availability to include stones crystals and beads for jewelry making.  At this time we cannot predict which style is most popular, and so we sell items for the average wrist sizes of men and women. Some items will be available in all sizes.

* It is recommended that you measure your wrist. If you are still unsure about what size to buy, use a piece of string to measure the size of your wrist. Make the string fit like you'd want your piece to fit. Measure your string with a ruler and choose the size that is the closest to that measurement!

If you are purchasing a Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones bracelet as a gift and are unsure of the exact wrist size, a general rule of thumb is: 7" fits a women's small wrist; 7 1/2" fits a women's medium wrist; 7 3/4" fits a women's large wrist; and 8" would fit a women's extra large wrist. For men, an 8" bracelet fits a small wrist; 8 1/2" fits a medium wrist; and a 9" fits a large wrist. (SEARCH HERE FOR ITEMS AVAILABLE IN LARGE)

Wearing crystal Jewelry in Water: it is not recommend that you wear your jewelry in water or get it wet repeatedly. Overtime, water and moisture can break down the stringing materials used to create your piece and cause it to break. 

Gold plating: Please keep in mind that goldplating is just that, 14kt/18kt gold plating over a particular surface or metal usually copper or brass and sterling silver. Tarnishing may occur if the jewelry piece is not properly taken care of. Keep gold plated jewelry out of water and only place on fingers or around the body once the skin is completely dried of substances. We do not make any guarantees that jewelry will not fade, and have priced our crystal jewelry accordingly.

Why is processing time so long?

We’re glad you asked. Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones is a small business. We operate with just a few people. In order to ensure orders are processed timely and accurately we aim to provide the best stewardship, and utilize processing time to do such.

How come items are always sold out?

All jewelry pieces are designed and created by Sr. Creatress Shanise. We are an artisan brand that creates and produces in limited quantities due to product (cyrstals, stones, charms) availability. Again, we are very small business however we do our best to ensure product availability is stocked to its maxed capacity.

Is your suite available for shopping?

No. We are temporarily relocated while we move locations more information will follow on when we open back up.

I've changed my email and phone number associated with your shopify store text verification, how do I update this?

You will have to opt out of verification, and start a new account to received messages to your updated email address click here to dis-enroll your previous email or phone number.

I was charged multiple times! 

Please verify you were charged via your bank statement and or receipt. If it is a pre-authorization the release depends on your individual credit / debit card bank. Once original payment is posted, it typically takes 2-3 days for the pre-authorization charge to be removed by your bank. Our pay system will NOT charge you more than once, however PayPal may place a preauthorization hold on your card. Please review their policy before utilizing that option for pay.

What are your shipping, return, or damage product guidelines?

Shipping: EFFECTIVE 8-19-2020 all items ship within five business days of received order via UPS and are insured with tracking number. See our policy for shipping (link at bottom of page). APO/DPO addressees will ship via USPS.  Returns: All sales are final. Due to the nature of our business, crystals nor crystal jewelry are accepted for return. We believe in facilitating positive energy and vibes and do not re-sell items that have been cleansed with intention for others, nor would we sell you a product that's been in possession of another customer. We promote positive vibes, but we DO NOT recycle energies. Damaged product: All items are inspected before they are shipped out for quality and control. If you received your product damaged you have 5 days from delivery date to notify Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones by email (info@johariandlou.com). We will assist you in initiating a claim through UPS. Once the claim is closed and completed you will be authorized a refund or exchange.

What if my bracelet breaks?

We want you to love your crystal jewelry from the moment you receive it. If your bracelet pops or becomes detached within 10 days of initial purchase (or date of delivery) we will happily repair it to its original state. This applies to strung bead bracelets earrings and necklace only! This policy does NOT apply to our jade bangles. No additional adjustments will be made for larger or smaller sizing. Your repair will be made on bead and charm availability. No additional changes will be made and a record inspection of your package opening will be conducted to preserve integrity. If your earring, bead bracelet or necklace cannot be restored to its original design you will be issued a full refund for the price of the bracelet only; shipping fee not included. 

What are your essential oils made of? Our essential oil carriers are based in either coconut oil or grape-seed oil, or jojoba oil. We use only essential oils infused in our rollers or soaps. As with any other cosmetic or topical substance we do not recommend it be used on an open wounds. Oils are not for use in the eyes or to be digested, it is also recommended that this item be kept out of children’s reach. As a rule of thumb always test an area of skin, if irritation occurs discontinue use.

What are the ingredients in your salve?

Crystal Shea salve is made with unrefined Shea butter plant-based wax and essential oils fragrant.

Is your soap all natural? Our soap is made with Vegetable based• glycerin & essential oils. Made with high natural glycerin content it is• non-yellowing, even at high temperatures and has great foaming. Glycerin is a natural by-product of the saponification process, a colorless, scentless, thick liquid used in all kinds of ways. It mixes easily with other water soluble ingredients such as essential oils. There are Benefits of Glycerin • it is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture. When applied to the skin through cosmetics, glycerin creates a barrier on the skin that locks in existing moisture from washing, as well as drawing moisture from the atmosphere. 

Find a complete list of ingredients here.

What if my cleanse bar has imperfections? I see parts of my stone exposed.

You may notice slight imperfections with our Handcrafted soap which is created, processed and cut by hand. None of our cleanse bars are exactly alike. Some bars may reveal exposure of stones, this is apart of our molding process  and does not make it faulty. Temperature can make color appear slightly different from batch to batch. Designs, stone and bar sizes may vary but are generally the same. You may also notice small pockets of air form from a thick batter being poured. It does not affect the properties of crystals infused into your cleanse bar in the least!

I received my salve and it is cracked / melted!

Please be mindful that when shipping salve, and or soaps depending on the season and climate some products can become cracked or melt in transit. If your salve has melted simply set it aside in a safe cool and dry place and allow it to cure this will return it to its solidified state. You can also place your salve in a refrigerator for up to one hour to allow it to cure and solidify again.


Crystal healing and other types of energy work are not to be considered as a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

If either you, or someone you know, has a serious health issue, you or they should consult their own doctor and/or other appropriate professional medical practitioner, and make complementary healing part of a complete health care programme.

In addition to the above statement, JOHARI & LOU Artisan Soul Stones LLC would also like to point out that when we talk about, discuss online and in person or hand out literature relating to the healing properties of crystals and stones, we are communicating to you our own personal beliefs and experiences and the results of our own extensive research.

Though crystals and stones are alleged to have one or more healing properties, either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, it does not mean that you, personally, will definitely experience, or benefit from, any such properties.

Any information you receive, whether orally, in written form or electronically, relating to crystals and stones purchased from JOHARI & LOU Artisan Soul Stones LLC, should be received and understood in the above context. 

For our part, we will consider that any purchases you make from JOHARI & LOU Artisan Soul Stones LLC are made on the basis of your own freedom of choice.


JOHARI & LOU Artisan Soul Stones is a bargain free brand. As a small business we understand that financial blueprints vary for each customer, and so we 100% welcome you to shop other businesses (especially small) if we cannot meet your budget needs.