Jewlz & Crystal Guidance

You have your favorite crystal, and jewlz, now what? It is important to keep up care of your gems, after all, they've come from the earth and need care as well

Jewelry care:

Try to store your jewelry separately so it doesn't scratch other jewelry. Jewelry should only be put on after washing and applying any makeup, hair spray, gels, lotions or perfume.

Try to protect any jewelry from harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and sunlight.

You should never wear any jewelry when swimming or showering. The chlorine can cause damage to various gemstones and metals.  Overtime, water and moisture can break down the stringing materials used to create your piece and cause it to break.

Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place.

Crystal care:

When not in use, keep your crystals in a protective pouch. This prevents scratching and protects it from emanation.

You crystals come cleansed when you purchased from JOHARI & LOU, but you should also cleanse them after wearing or using for healing at least once a week. Find out more here.