Meet The Owner

We all have a story, right? The one I share most, is how my real-life experiences in the military, psychotherapy and education, jumpstarted a journey into becoming a Holistic, complementary & alternative health Practitioner and launching a brand that helps people achieve energetic balance.

I'm Shanise - mom, retired Army veteran, and Chief Curator for Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones. As an intuitive creative, and while serving in the military I turned what started as hobby into a Limited Liability Company in 2017 formerly known as Armill Xpress, a brand that offered handcrafted crystal and gold jewelry. Business came to a fast halt when I was medically diagnosed with several health conditions including PTSD (deriving from experiences and other traumas sustained during my combat tours in the military). It was a pretty revealing and debilitating period that prevented me from fully practicing in a creative state. As a result, I was forced to place Armill Xpress in a year long hiatus to focus on my healing journey and mental wellness.

Therapy, along with meditation and other self-healing techniques introduced me to mindful practices and as time went on, I started to find peace in everything earth related. I became healthily obsessed with education and sharing the modality of Energy Healing (Reiki), and eventually certified as a Holistic Practitioner in Crystal Reiki, leading to completing a Baccalaureate in Complementary & Alternative HealthSome of my professional development in healing + self-care includes Ayurvedic Health through Chopra Global, Evidence Informed Practice in Ancient Healing Arts, Philosophy of Well-being as well as Psychoneuroimmunology (study of mind-body and immune system) with Maryland University of Integrated Health.

Sharing my story became the catalyst for a new business vision: Helping others bounce back from burnout through holistic healing - a journey I pursued during my own therapeutic treatments. It was also during this break I sought out to shift the culture of the brand toward holism and energy wellness.

In 2020 Armill Xpress officially re-aligned itself as Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones - Johari (Swahili for Gem "something of value") & Lou (in honor of my dad’s mom and family lineage). Together Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones represents a brand that offers gems of precious stones, mindful offerings, artisan inspired collectibles and holistic services.