Meet The Owner

We all have a journey. The one I share most, is how my real-life experiences in the military, psychotherapy and education, jumpstarted a journey into holistic healing.

I'm Shanise - mom, retired Army veteran, and Chief Curator for JOHARI & LOU. I’m truly in love with all things mind + body but my specialty is in Chakra & Energy alignment w/crystals.

As 20+ years of leading soldiers came to an end, I found myself in need of a spiritual hiatus. Therapy, meditation, and energy opened doors that allowed me to heal trauma from tours of combat and personal conflict. The process was incredibly transformative! So much so, that becoming intimately involved in healing work to help others became my newest priority. I slowly worked on certifying in a few areas of integrative medicine. 

Some of my professional and academic development in healing + self-care include specialized and direct studies in Holistic Health, Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism & Energetics, Spirituality & Healing, Health & Wellness, Cultural Diversity, Health & Illness, Health Psychology/ Nutritional Concepts, Health Research and Analysis, Ayurvedic Health through Chopra Global, Evidence Informed Practice in Ancient Healing Arts, Philosophy of Well-being as well as Psychoneuroimmunology (study of mind-body and immune system) with Maryland University of Integrated Health leading to formally study and receive a Baccalaureate Degree in Complementary & Alternative Health. As of 2023 I’m applying to study, and secure Ph.D candidacy in Mind-Body medicine.

JOHARI & LOU became the catalyst for a new entrepreneurial vision: Helping others bounce back from burnout through holistic healing - a journey I personally pursued during my own therapeutic treatments. It was also during this break I sought out to shift the culture of the brand toward holism and energy wellness. In 2020 Armill Xpress officially re-aligned itself as Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones - Johari (Swahili for Gem "something of value") & Lou (in honor of my grandmother and family lineage). Together JOHARI & LOU represents a brand that offers gems of precious stones, mindful offerings, artisan inspired collectibles and holistic services.