Meet The Owner

My Journey

I’m Shanise a Combat Army Veteran turned Small Business Owner, and now Senior Creatress of Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones. As an intuitive creative, with 20+ years of being in the "people business" I began building a Limited Liability Company in 2017 formerly known as Armill Xpress, a brand that offered handcrafted crystal and gold jewelry.

In 2019, I was medically diagnosed with several health conditions including PTSD (deriving from experiences and other traumas sustained during combat). It was a pretty revealing period and it prevented me from fully practicing in a creative state. As a result, I was forced to place Armill Xpress in a year long hiatus to focus on my spiritual journey and mental wellness.
Therapy, along with meditation and other self healing techniques eventually introduced me to mindful practices and as time went on I found solace in everything earth related and began studying the healing modality of Reiki. As of 2020 I am certified as a Holistic Practitioner in Crystal Reiki, and a current student at the University of Arizona studying Complementary & Alternative Health.
Sharing my story became the catalyst for a business vision: to help others by bridging expression of self + holistic healing - a journey I pursued and used during my therapeutic treatments. It was also during this break I sought out to re-align the brand toward holism and energy wellness.
In 2020 Armill Xpress officially re-aligned its self as Johari & Lou Artisan Soul Stones - Johari (Swahili for Gem "something of value") & Lou (a Family Name with ancestor representation and lineage) together the name symbolizes a brand that offers gems of precious and semi-precious stones, crystals, mindful attunment products, artisan inspired collectibles and holistic services.